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Information about Annie Waugh, LMT, IMC.  Certified Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of NST - Neurostructural Integration Technique.  Annie is also a provider of Interactive Metronome Therapy, Douglas Heel's Muscle Activation technique and health and lifestyle education and coaching.


About Annie

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In practice since 2010, Annie Waugh is based in Nashville, TN and specializes in NST, a technique that integrates both the neurological and structural re-balancing of the body.  She graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL and holds National Board Certification as well as TN license in Massage Therapy.   She pursued additional training in the US, UK and Switzerland for her specialty. 

Offering a sustainable approach to holistic health, Annie is known for this gentle and incredibly effective technique; however, she has also worked extensively with special needs and neurological impairment populations.  Trauma recovery is a focal point of all the modalities offered and she is continually pursuing training and research to bring the most effective therapies and tools to her clients.

After helping clients to resolve pain, tension and dysfunction, Annie's mission is to empower them with the knowledge and tools needed to continue to improve and sustain their health. She offers ongoing support in the way of maintenance care, educational workshops and an open line of communication for questions and referrals to other complimentary practitioners in the area.

What People are Saying ... 

“Thank you Annie Waugh for the amazing treatment. If you are suffering from trauma, TBI, PTSD, or anything similiar, come and see Annie. She knows what she is doing and can help on your path to recovery. Thank you Annie!" 
- Christopher Byford
“You are such a blessing to our family. My son got in the van after his appointment and said, 'It already feels so much better!' Thank you, Annie. We are so thankful for you and the work you do.
- Kim O.
"Praise God for my dear friend and magical NST therapist, Annie Waugh!! Headache is gone and I can once again walk and breathe without excruciating pain. To all my Nashville friends, this talented lady can really help you. If you don’t live here, come visit Nashville and go see Annie! - Joe C.

"I’m a diabetic. I had neuropathy in my left foot for 4.5 years. This was fast tracked by “joint” surgery that resulted in nerve damage. The pain had gotten so bad that I was unable to sleep at night and on most days would choose not to put on a shoe. My doctor prescribed Lyrica for the pain but it did not seem to help. I could not imagine taking this drug for the rest of my life and this being the end result, chronic pain and mental anguish. Ramona Reid from The Nashville Center for Alternative Therapy recommended I see Annie Waugh. I was not familiar with Annie or NST but I was willing to try anything, except take more drugs. As I read about NST on her website I became more and more convinced that this was something I needed to do. After my first appointment 70% of my pain was gone. It was remarkable. It was the first week I had been able to fall asleep with minimal pain in years. After the second appointment 80% of the pain was gone and by the third 100% of my pain was gone. I’m continuing to see Annie on a regular basis after my initial 3 treatments for continued healing and physical success. To say that NST has changed my life would be a gross understatement. Annie Waugh’s expertise in this field has proven to be the most effective treatment I’ve ever received for any of my physical issues. It has not only positively affected my neuropathy but my daily blood sugars have leveled out to the most consistent numbers I’ve had to date. I’ve also noticed my other chronic pains have gone away. I have suffered from frozen shoulder on and off for the past 7 years and the residual pain from my broken rib (an injury almost 2 years old now) has also disappeared. I will not attempt to explain how NST works as I do not have the knowledge base to do so, but I would recommend making an appointment with Annie Waugh to anyone who is suffering, physically and mentally". - Holland McConnell”

Training & Certification

Training & Certifications

Wright State University - Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - Dance Performance & Pedagogy                                                                           Interactive Metronome Certified Provider
National University of Health Sciences - Massage Therapy
NCBTMB - National Board Certification in Massage and Bodywork
TN Licensed Massage Therapist
NST - Certified Advanced Practitioner
NST Equine & Canine Practitioner

Continued Studies and areas of interest

Master of Science Degree - in process
German New Medicine - in process (Dr. Caroline Markolin)
Poly-Vagal Nerve Theory & Trauma - ongoing study (Dr. Stephen Porges & Dr. Ruth Buczynski)