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Information about Annie Waugh, LMT, IMC.  Certified Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of NST - Neurostructural Integration Technique.  Annie is also a provider of Interactive Metronome Therapy, Douglas Heel's Muscle Activation technique and health and lifestyle education and coaching.


Addition before subtraction...

Annie Waugh

So you’ve had enough of being: tired, sick, overweight, stressed, in pain, etc.. and you’ve decided to make changes so that you can feel better and be healthier. Fantastic!! I applaud you! Now where to start? I’ll be happy to point you to a few good resources, but first a wee bit of advice… because it can be really overwhelming to look at all the changes you might need to make in creating a better, healthier life.

When we went to school as children, we learned how to add before we learned to subtract. Pretty simple. And it’s a good way to start when making any kind of a change in our lives that we want to be lasting.

As you start surveying the vast landscape of “healthy living” and all those things you "should do", do yourself a favor and decide to begin by simply adding something good.  (And don't "should" on yourself.  More on that later)  Then add another and another… as you do this, you will start to feel better and find that you may just start dropping some of the not-so-healthy habits you’ve had, without much of a sweat. For some people, “cold turkey” is the best method. But if you just need a nudge to get your momentum going, try this!

Here’s a little list of good things to add, to help get the ideas flowing…


- Drink more water! Add an 8oz glass of water each day until you are drinking your weight in ounces.
- Have some dark chocolate if you’re craving a treat.
- Stretch like a cat for 10 minutes. It feels great and is actually really good for your body.
- Take a walk. Start with any amount of time you can spare (10 min. is better than nothing!) and focus on breathing the fresh air, and how good it feels to just get outside and move.
- Play music you love and dance and/or sing along.
- Try a fresh juice from a local juice bar.
- Find a book that is uplifting and spend 10 minutes a day reading it.
- Arrange to meet with a friend for coffee/tea/juice/walk/whatever. Connect in person.
- Spend 10 minutes a day in the “classroom of silence”… thank you Matthew Kelly
- Speaking of Matthew… Read the NY Times Bestseller, “The Rhythm of Life” by Matthew Kelly. You’ll thank me later. Really.
- Buy eggs or any other staple item - as many as you can - from a local farmer who doesn’t use pesticides/herbicides… you will taste and feel the difference!
- When you are getting exhausted/stressed - take a power nap (20-45 min).
- Find a new place to explore in the area where you live.
- Rediscover the library.
- Rediscover the park… the swings… the monkey bars…
- Make 30-second dance parties a new habit.
- Take a break from all screens at some point each day - shut ‘em all down and don’t be at their mercy for a while. (choose an amount of time for a break and stick to it!)

That’s just a start… go from there and add your own! Check back later for the “Subtraction” post. Until then, just go enjoy being good to yourself!