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Information about Annie Waugh, LMT, IMC.  Certified Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of NST - Neurostructural Integration Technique.  Annie is also a provider of Interactive Metronome Therapy, Douglas Heel's Muscle Activation technique and health and lifestyle education and coaching.


Epsom Salt Baths

Annie Waugh

Here is a great self-care practice that will have multiple health benefits in addition to a little stress-relieving break in your day!

Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate

Thanks to our high-stress and high-sugar culture, most North Americans are magnesium deficient.  Even when we are really careful about what we eat and trying to make our lives a bit saner, it’s estimated that the majority of the population is magnesium deficient to some degree.  There are lots of supplements on the market, but it's important to consult a healthcare practitioner about supplementing magnesium as it’s easy to get too much or take the wrong type.   (For more information on magnesium deficiency, here is an excellent article by Dr. Mercola.)

Getting your magnesium transdermally is safe and very effective!  

*However, if you are currently under a doctor’s care for a health concern, you’ll want to confirm with him or her that epsom salt baths are an appropriate addition to your protocol.

A cup or two of epsom salts is great for regular bathing, but if you need to do a therapeutic bath… try using a 6-pound bag.  Yes, the whole thing. 

First, fill your tub with filtered water (I use a water filter on my shower head/wand), whatever temp you prefer.  Add a few drops of essential oils to the epsom salts and then pour into the water.  Get in the tub and soak for 30 minutes.

You can do up to 3 of these therapeutic baths the first week.  From then on, move to just using 1-4 cups for regular bathing.  This will help support a good magnesium balance in your body without the worry of taking too much via supplements.

If you are like me and have a difficult time carving out time for a bath, you can soak your feet instead.  (I often soak my feet while working on my computer!)  Just use 4 cups of epsom salts in a foot bath, warm filtered water, essential oils and, again, soak for 30 minutes.

Here are some good essential oils combos for your baths!

Relaxation:    Balance & Lavender   OR   Bergamot, Ylang Ylang & Petitgrain

Sore muscles/joints:     Deep Blue, Lemongrass & Cypress

Soul Soothing:     Frankincense, Lavender & White Fir

Invigorating:     Citrus Bliss and & Peppermint

Soothe your Mind:     Lemon & Rosemary

Mood lifters:   Bergamot & Spearmint   OR   Wild Orange & Cinnamon