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Information about Annie Waugh, LMT, IMC.  Certified Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of NST - Neurostructural Integration Technique.  Annie is also a provider of Interactive Metronome Therapy, Douglas Heel's Muscle Activation technique and health and lifestyle education and coaching.

Canine & Equine NST


Canine & Equine NST

NST is a soft-tissue technique that gently but powerfully works through the nervous system to bring about the auto-regulation and complete realignment and rebalancing of every tendon, ligament and facia tissue in the body. This, in turn, allows all imbalances and physical stress to be removed so that bones, muscles, organs, nerves, arteries and veins can get back to proper placement, alignment and optimal function.



Here are some of the indications for Canine & Equine NST:

Spine, joint, muscle pain & injury
Disunited gait, inconsistent performance
• Uneven wear of shoes/hooves
• Atrophy or development of uneven musculature
• Stiffness in one shoulder/leg/foot
• Cold or sore back
• Slow lymphatic system
• Immune system deficiencies
• Sudden change in behavior
• Decreased performance
• Digestive, Urinary or Lymphatic problems
• Post-surgical care
• Trauma due to an accident or sickness
Lesions on the back from ill-fitting saddle/tack
Sadness – Abandonment – Depression - Resignation



Dogs          $75     (+ outcall charge if needed)

Horses       $150     (+ outcall charge if barn is located outside of Franklin) 

Call for appointment - (615) 767-3416