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Essential oils!  Chances are, you have been hearing more and more about essential oils and there are some very good reasons.  These powerful aromatic compounds affect an immediate healing response in the body, mind and spirit.  Because of the incredible concentration and potency of true essential oils, their indigenous sourcing and absolute purity is vital to their safety and efficacy.  After researching and trailing 5 different companies, I use only dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.



"Praise God for my dear friend and magical NST therapist, Annie Waugh!! Headache is gone and I can once again walk and breathe without excruciating pain. To all my Nashville friends, this talented lady can really help you. If you don’t live here, come visit Nashville and go see Annie!

Joe C.


“You are such a blessing to our family. My son got in the van after his appointment and said, 'It already feels so much better!' Thank you, Annie. We are so thankful for you and the work you do."

Kim O.


“Thank you Annie Waugh for the amazing treatment. If you are suffering from trauma, TBI, PTSD, or anything similiar, come and see Annie. She knows what she is doing and can help on your path to recovery. Thank you Annie!"

Christopher Byford