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Mica Pack – Charcoal


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Each Mica Pack comes with two removable sleeves: Natural Muslin / Charcoal

What is it? 

It’s way better than a heating pad or a cold pack… it can give your body the benefits of both without needing to be heated or frozen!

Ways to use your Mica Pack

  • Wrap around sore joints for pain and tension relief 
  • Wrap around back of neck for tension relief
  • Place on back for pain and tension relief.
  • Place over any injury or surgery site for pain relief and healing support.
  • Place under your neck or pillow for more restful sleep.
  • Ladies, lay Mica Pack across abdomen for menstrual cramp relief.
  • Place on work chair or seat of car to sit on while working or driving.
  • Share with your furry loved ones! Place on your pet’s sore back or joints, or on their bed for them to sleep on.

What is Mica, anyway?

Laminar Mica Crystals (Muscovite Mica)

Mica comes from a flat thin sheet stone found in the Rocky Mountains. The structure of this unique product has the capacity to collect and transmit vibration frequencies – in other words, it is both an electrical conductor and insulator.  It works with he energy in the human body as well as ambient energies, providing both the shielding and support for healing required for the human body. 

Users are known to experience increased energy levels, decreased inflammation, less pain, and better moods.