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The Return to Center Kit


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The Return to Center Kit

I’m very happy to be able to share this kit with you. These are some of my favorite things to use, along with my “checklist” (the eBook), to create a daily practice that invites balance into my days. You will find these tools useful for your daily self-care practice, as well as for those times you feel triggered and need a little extra support to calm, rebalance and regain your ground.


It includes:

Return to Center eBook

1 Calming Mist

1 Candle

1 Mica Pack


The Calming Mist

Aromatherapy is one of the quickest ways to calm the mind, heart and body. This lovely mist is both calming and centering while also being emotionally uplifting. And it can be used anytime, anywhere. Simply spray in your hands, smell deeply and apply to the back of your neck and over your heart. Inhale. Exhale. Relax.


The Candle Light

We need light and we are light. And we can forget that so easily. I love using a beautiful, non-toxic candle as a way to create a ritual or practice to center myself and create intention for the day, or as a focal point for meditation or prayer. With this candle, there’s no need to worry about toxic fragrances or parafin that could give you a headache or irritate your respiratory system – this is a hand-poured pure bees-wax candle with a 100% organic cotton wick. Held in a beautiful “Mercury-glass” votive – don’t worry, no actual mercury, just the look.


The Mica Pack (with two removable sleeves – Please specify color preference in the Additional Comments section)

It’s way better than a heating pad or a cold pack… it can give your body the benefits of both without needing to be heated or frozen!

Ways to use your Mica Pack

  • Wrap around sore joints for pain and tension relief 
  • Wrap around back of neck for tension relief
  • Place on back for pain and tension relief.
  • Place over any injury or surgery site for pain relief and healing support.
  • Place under your neck or pillow for more restful sleep.
  • Ladies, lay Mica Pack across abdomen for menstrual cramp relief.
  • Place on work chair or seat of car to sit on while working or driving.
  • Share with your furry loved ones! Place on your pet’s sore back or joints, or on their bed for them to sleep on.

What is Mica, anyway?

Laminar Mica Crystals (Muscovite Mica)

Mica comes from a flat thin sheet stone found in the Rocky Mountains. The structure of this unique product has the capacity to collect and transmit vibration frequencies – in other words, it is both an electrical conductor and insulator.  It works with he energy in the human body as well as ambient energies, providing both the shielding and support for healing required for the human body. 

Users are known to experience increased energy levels, decreased inflammation, less pain, and better moods.