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An Online Session is a combination of Body Code, Emotion Code, German New Medicine, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) by proxy and a consultation. Using these modalities we find the imbalances and blocks in thoughts and emotions (often subconscious), that are creating pain and/or disruption in your physical body and overall health and wellness.
Once we determine what those blocks and imbalances are, you are able to process and release them (I will walk you through this). Then we create a protocol, using activities and items that you already have at home, to support what you have accomplished during the session. 
Here are just a few examples of things clients like to address with Online Sessions: Stress & Anxiety, Confusion or Brain Fog, Overwhelm, Difficulty Sleeping, Racing and/or Ruminating Thoughts, Physical pain and/or dysfunction
All sessions are done on Zoom, FaceTime or phone call and scheduled in the US Central Time Zone.


Very gentle soft-tissue technique to rebalance the body via the Nervous and Connective Tissue Systems.

Douglas Heel’s “Be Activated” Technique

Dynamic muscle activation to rebalance the Muscular System.

Integrative Health Consulting & Coaching

Individual consulting and coaching to empower you to achieve your health goals.

Integrative energy sessions

A collection of techniques to clear the energetic/electrical interference in the body, to relieve chronic conditions.


Therapeutic application of CPTG Essential Oils.

Corporate Health Advisor

Seminars to educate and empower your team and strengthen your company.

German New Medicine

A new lens through which to view and treat disease and dysfunction without fear.

2020 Rates

  • 30-min NST Session
  • $ 75
    Per Session
  • 3-sess NST package
  • $ 195
    3 Sessions
  • 60-min Integrative
  • $ 135
    Per Session
  • 90-min Integrative
  • $ 185
    Per Session
  • New Client Appointment
  • $ 120
    First Visit

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Other Services Include

Muscle Activation  •  Neuro-Structural Therapy  •  Energy Work  •  Chakra Balancing  •  Aromatherapy  •  Integrative Energy Sessions  •  NST  •  Muscle Activation  •  Emotion Code  •  Body Code  •  Psych-K -Deleting False Beliefs  •  EFT  •  EMDR  •  CranioSacral Technique  •  Chromatherapy  •  Intuitive Integrated Session

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