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Information about Annie Waugh, LMT, IMC.  Certified Advanced Practitioner and Instructor of NST - Neurostructural Integration Technique.  Annie is also a provider of Interactive Metronome Therapy, Douglas Heel's Muscle Activation technique and health and lifestyle education and coaching.



Structure governs function and balance is key.  If any tissue, organ or structure in the body is misaligned, imbalanced or restricted, it cannot function to it's full effect.  It's time to find the source of the issue, restore your foundations and redefine your life.



In practice since 2010, Annie Waugh is based in Nashville, TN and specializes in NST, a technique that integrates both the neurological and structural re-balancing of the body. 

About Annie

As an integrative therapist, I recognize the human person as an interweaving of physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social components.


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